Price of Diesel

The lease on my Jetta recently expired and I decided to make a shift in vehicles from my car to a SUV - a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Obviously my gas mileage also made a significant shift and this may not have been the most ideal time to make the leap to a six-cylinder SUV with the ever-increasing prices for fuel. Well, I needed the bigger vehicle to meet my needs of carrying larger loads as I am in the midst of significant remodeling job on my house. So I just have to make peace with the current prices and be more aware of my fuel consumption and take the necessary actions to increase my fuel efficiency. Though not on the same scale, but contractors are facing a similar situation. You're not going to shot down your equipment because fuel prices are on the rise, you need to make appropriate adjustments and do what you can to get more out of each drop of fuel. And though it focuses mostly on over-the-road trucks, Volvo Trucks has recently provided some tips for dealing with $4 diesel. Some of the tips are proprietary to Volvo trucks, but others are universal and good ideas to be aware of as you try to extend your time between visits to the pump.
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