What Does YOUR Boot Look Like

The new myDanner program from Danner Inc. is a great opportunity for those who like to display a bit of individualism in their work site wear. myDanner allows each customer to personalize their boot down to the eyeholes (hardware) and custom text on the tongue - unfortunately its an eight-letter limit so ForConstructionPros.com won't fit. The price ($600) is a bit on the steep side, but no one ever said style is cheap. But don't settle for simply ordering online and having your boots magically appear, take advantage of the premium package that includes a two-night hotel stay in Portland, private factory tour, custom boot fit and more. So, what does your boot look like? Here's mine: Want to share what your boot looks like or other personalized work site wear? E-mail me with an image of your personalized shirt (I've seen some pretty creative shirts that are worthy of world-wide recognition), hard hat, etc. and I'll post them in this blog.