Presidential Candidates on Transportation

As the race for the Oval Office heats up so does the political marketing campaigns. It seems as though you can't get through one commercial break of the Olympics without some sort of commercial ad against/for one of the candidates. I feel this is the worst ways to base a decision on who you are going to vote for as every bit of information thrown out in these 30-second spots holds about as much water as a sieve. Personally, I want as unbiased information that lays out how the candidates are addressing issues and their voting records (actions speak louder than words) on issues that I care about. That is why the ARTBA Presidential Candidates on Transportation PDF is such a great collection of information to have. The association does not endorse a single candidate and compiles what they have said and how they have voted on transportation issues. As infrastructure investment should be one of the top priorities of whoever will be the newly-elected President, this PDF is of great interest to me. I encourage those who are directly affected by this issue to look over the document and let help you form you decision on who you will be voting for in the upcoming election.