Fastest Growing Construction Companies

The 2008 Inc. 5000 list was recently published online. A subsection of this list is the Top 100 Construction Companies. There is a great snapshot of each company with short descriptions of why the company is growing and what is noteworthy. There are different reasons for why the company has experienced such large growth from exploring new markets to its overall vision and structure: Its initial growth was spawned in 2004 when it did away with its subcontracting services and focused entirely on general contracting and service management. They build a culture, not just a company: the company makes every decision based on the best interest of the project, every employee cares about the others, and the company only hires people who share their value system. Company has streamlined its operations, renovated its sales staff, and added staff with professional skills in other construction. As the residential housing market has slowed down, the company has switched its emphasis to the commercial market and purchased more sophisticated equipment. This is a good list to see how other construction businesses are succeeding. You might also want to make special note of anyone in your area. There may be a market you are overlooking or other element that is making you less competitive. Did your company make the list? What are you doing to continue to grow you company?