NAHETS Goes Multimedia

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools now hosts a number of videos that look at construction equipment, safety and other applications. These videos allow those within the industry, as well as the general public to become more familiar, knowledgeable and aware of the various types of heavy equipment. In addition, videos also highlight the association along with it's training and educational opportunities. A catalog of the all the videos can be found at where the videos are listed and organized. The majority of the heavy equipment profiles run around 45 seconds and give a brief and insightful overview about each piece of equipment. Also at the NAHETS blog you'll find the results of a survey that asked "What is your favorite piece of equipment?" This is always a good topic of discussion at the tailgate of a truck. Mark me down for wheel loader. There's something about running that bucket into a pile of material that makes me excited to jump up on the iron.