Tweet your way to sustainability

Twitter feeds for sustainable contractors

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Construction companies have recognized the importance of social media to promote their businesses. Many are active on Twitter and Facebook and regularly engage with customers and industry experts via social media.

Here at Sustainable Construction we also recognize the importance of social medial. In particular, I have found Twitter to be a great way to stay in-the-know on sustainable topics, product and breaking news. Whether you are a large contractor with established sustainability initiatives or a smaller company looking to win a bid, there is a ton of information available to you on Twitter. You just have to look.

Start with following our Twitter feed @SusConstruction for the latest sustainable construction industry news and information.

In an effort to bring you well-rounded sustainable construction information via Twitter, I recently ran across a list of Twitter feeds you might want to check out:

@SusConstruction (This is us!)

@greenosaur (This is where part of this list originated.)























Do you have additional Twitter feeds that you follow? Let me know and I'll add them to the list!