What are the next sustainable “shades” of green?

Emerging trends can change the way we view the sustainable construction industry.

As we round the corner of our third year of our magazine, Sustainable Construction, I continue to see trends emerging in the ever-evolving sustainable construction market. Two of these “shades” of green include product certification programs and building for durability.

Product certification programs are now available in the sustainable construction market. It really boils down to this: Construction professionals want to ensure the products they are using in sustainable construction are not only created in a sustainable fashion, but also that these products are sustainable throughout their life cycle.

Check out our “Moving Sustainability Forward with Cradle to Cradle Certified Products” story in our most recent issue. LEED v4 includes credits for Cradle to Cradle Certified products, and the program is becoming a quick reference for construction professionals looking for quality, sustainable products.
Durability is another emerging trend. In the construction industry, this means building structures to last longer than conventional life cycles and withstand natural disasters. Durability (or resilience) in construction is environmentally friendly, results in long-term cost savings and can save lives. Watch in future issues for articles detailing this trend and how it unfolds in the sustainable construction community.

What shades of green do you see standing out among the rest in the sustainable construction market? What do you want to know about these trends?