How Much Should a Construction Manager Make?

Construction managers make an average of $50,000 to $121,000 per year. How much should you be making or paying your construction managers?

How much is enough?
How much is enough?
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Construction managers have a lot on their plate. They plan, direct, coordinate and budget construction projects. Typically, they oversee projects from start to finish, and those projects can range from a small renovation to the construction of a commercial building.

So how much should a construction manager make? Click through the animated infographic below to find statistics on average salary, the top paying states, top percent earners and education levels in the industry. Continue reading below for more details on construction managers' salaries.

Much like the way their construction projects vary, a construction manager’s salary can vary widely as well.

Factors that can affect how much a construction manager makes on average:

  • education level
  • experience
  • location

Consider the following statistics regarding salaries in the construction industry, but remember that a construction manager’s salary can vary even more because of specific projects.

According to the website

  • The average salary for a construction manager in the United States is somewhere between $50,000 to $121,000.

According to May 2018 data from Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • There are currently 278,460 construction managers employed. The average wage for all occupations is $49.57 per hour, or $103,110 per year.
  • The top percent of earners in the industry make an average wage of $77.65 per hour, or $161,610 per year.  

The top paying states for this occupation are:

  • New Jersey - $145,400
  • Rhode Island - $132,750
  • New York - $131,950
  • Delaware - $124,000
  • California - $117,770 

Average wages varied by industry:

  • Managers in nonresidential building construction earned an average of $49.47 per hour, or $102,910 per year.
  • Managers in residential building construction earned an average of $46.48 per hour, or $96,690 per year.
  • Managers in utility system construction earned an average of $51.57 per hour, or $107,270, the same as those in heavy and civil engineering construction.

According to the website, average salaries for construction managers also vary by experience level:

  • Entry level construction managers (1-3 years of experience) earn an average salary of $71,065.
  • Senior level managers (8+ years of experience) earn an average salary of $125,005. 

Education levels for construction managers also vary, but the majority have a Bachelor’s degree.  

  • 5% of construction managers have less than a high school education.
  • 35% have a high school diploma
  • 10% have an Associate’s degree
  • 40% have their Bachelor’s degree
  • 10% have a Master’s degree

Overall, a good combination of education and work experience goes a long way in the field. Most employers want someone with a background in construction. A construction manager often has experience being a construction worker. Experience as a contractor, carpenter or architect often work as well and are a major advantage.

Employers want to make sure they are hiring the most qualified candidates. So, if you have the education, experience and work in one of the top paying states you will most likely have a higher market worth.