Top 10 Hottest Construction Stories This Week: Biden to Request OSHA COVID Standards

Most-read construction stories of the week include new John Deere Gators, OSHA increases civil penalty amounts, how to stop working if you aren’t getting paid, the infrastructure spend in Biden’s economic rescue, and more

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kitthanes, Adobe Stock Images

Cu Crackseal CrafcoCrafco Inc.10. Cracksealing “Best Practices”

These cracksealing "best practices" will help your crew be more productive and will help them produce high-quality work consistently

Cu Equipmenttransport Adobe Stock 205890918 5ffeffd2c1188Adobe Stock/Adwo9. Things to Consider When Finding a Company to Transport Your Construction Equipment

It important to find a hauler that offers a reasonable rate but will also get your load to its destination safely and on time, while operating in a professional and legal manner


Cu Resolve Stop CaterpillarCaterpillar Inc.8. Resolve to Stop Doing These 5 Things in 2021

Rather than New Year’s resolutions that add things to your already full plate, why not stop doing some things that are eating up your time and money?


Cu Cold Weather Concrete SakreteSakrete7. Cold Weather Concreting - Tips for Smaller Projects

The factors and considerations concrete contractors should be aware of for placing concrete in cold weather


Cu American Robotics DroneAmerican Robotics6. FAA Gives First-Ever Approval to American Robotics for Automated Commercial Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration is allowing American Robotics to operate drones that can fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)


Cu Biden Recovery PlanUSA Today5. Biden Announces Plan for Economic Recovery, Promises Infrastructure Next Month

Biden's two-step plan for rescue and recovery in our nation includes presenting his "Build Back Better" plan to Congress in February. The plan includes $2 trillion in spending over four years for infrastructure


Cu Stop Work4. Can a Contractor Stop Working If He Isn't Getting Paid

To determine whether or not to stop working if you are not getting paid there are many factors that need to be considered


Cu Gavel And Hardhat Istock GettyimagesiStock/Getty Images3. OSHA Announces Increase in Civil Penalty Amounts for 2021

Civil penalty amounts for OSHA violations are being increased based on cost-of-living adjustments for 2021


Cu Deere GatorJohn Deere2. John Deere Updates Gator Utility Vehicle Line

John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles (UVs), including the HPX Work Series, Mid-Size XUVs and Full-Size XUVs, have been updated to include new automotive-like features that make them easier to operate and provide improved control


1. Biden Will Ask OSHA to Reconsider Emergency COVID-19 Standards

OSHA has issued guidelines, not standards, to protect workers from coronavirus infection, and the incoming administration plans to stiffen enforcement as well as requirementsCu Osha Pandemic Prevention Adobe Stock 353875427 5f64c24e954f9 5f64c29527a35kitthanes, Adobe Stock Images