Top 10 Construction Stories This Week: Compare Republican & Biden's Infrastructure Plans

Most-read construction stories include rescheduling the world’s largest construction trade show, the 'Uber' of construction deliveries, work zone fatalities reach a 15-year high, impact on the economy if estate-tax exemptions are repealed

Cu American Jobs Plan Vs Republican Plan

Cu 7 Tips10. 7 Tips of Successful Paving Jobs

Whether it’s a residential or commercial paving project, these best practices can help paving contractors ensure they are setting the job up for success

Cu Bipartisan Infrastructure Adobe Stock Rendertorial@rendertoria - stock.adobe.com9. Bipartisan Solutions to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

The Problem Solvers Caucus released a new report of bipartisan policy recommendations to build a strong, successful 21st Century infrastructure network for America


Cu Crane Operator Adobe Stock Hoda Bogdan – Stock adobe@Hoda Bogdan – stock.adobe.com8. What Should a Crane Operator Watch Out for at a Jobsite?

A list of seven factors a crane operator should look for prior to and while operating a crane at the jobsite, providing safety to the operators, site workers, equipment and project area


Cu Heavy Equipment Operator Program7. Heavy Equipment Operator Program Helping to Advance Careers in Construction

Programs all over the country are working to fill the pipeline of workers starting with high school. Here's why Ocean County Vocational Technical School amped up their program for these in-demand careers


Cu Michael Keaton Approved Nexii Building Solutions IncNexii Building Solutions Inc.6. Michael Keaton's Next Project is in Building, Brings 100s of Green Jobs to Pittsburgh

Michael Keaton, best known for his role as Batman and The Vulture in Marvel's Spider-Man movies, partnered with sustainable concrete alternative company Nexii


Cu Tax Change Chomplearn 2001 Stock adobe@chomplearn_2001 - stock.adobe.com5. Repeal of Stepped-Up Basis Tax Provision Would Be Costly to Family-owned Businesses and Economy

A study indicates a potential repeal of the popular inheritance tax provision could place undo tax burdens on inherited businesses, result in 80,000 fewer jobs and reduce U.S. GDP by $100 billion over 10 years


Cu Workzone Fatalities4. Work Zone Fatalities Reach 15-Year High

In 2019, the most recent year for which data are available, 842 people died in highway work-zone crashes compared to 757 the year before. The 11.2-percent increase is the largest percentage increase of highway work zone fatalities since 2006


Cu Curri DeliveryCurri3. 'Uber' of Construction Turning Heads

Curri, a drop-in construction delivery fleet, recently received investor funding


Cu Bauma Reschedule2. World’s Largest Construction Trade Show Postponed to October 2022

The global event was originally scheduled to be held from April 4 to 10, 2022, but ongoing uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic led the show organizer to delay the event to October 24 to 30


1. Differences Between Republican Infrastructure Plan & Biden's American Jobs Plan

This infographic shows a spending comparison between the $568 billion Republican proposal and Biden's more expansive one, which includes funds for schools and eldercareCu American Jobs Plan Vs Republican Plan