AEM Produces New Brush Chipper Safety Manual

Brush chipper safety manual outlines safe equipment operation, start-up and shutdown guidelines and maintenance precautions

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The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has produced a new brush chipper safety manual that outlines safe equipment operation, start-up and shutdown guidelines, and maintenance precautions for a variety of brush chipper machine types.

Manufacturer members working through AEM’s Environmental & Reduction Equipment Council (EREC) provided content development and review, with input also provided by AEM’s Forestry Equipment Council.

The manual is heavily illustrated with industry pictorials, and safety messages are presented in clear, readable text to aid understanding. The information is intended to supplement, not replace, manufacturer operating manuals.

“Manufacturers design and build machines to enable the operators to work safely. The AEM consensus manuals are an additional industry resource to help reinforce safe operating practices,” said Tom Haley, product safety manager for Vermeer Corporation as well as past chair of EREC and current chair of North America’s ISO Forestry Technical Advisory Group.

“AEM consensus manuals are an excellent resource for ‘tailgate’ safety programs and for use by equipment dealers and rental operations. AEM encourages their use as part of any training and education program for equipment operators,” said James Vos, AEM safety materials manager.

AEM safety manuals, videos, and related safety and training products are industry-consensus documents that provide a convenient and cost-effective way to provide safety information. Visit the online AEM Store ( for a full selection.