Biomass Chipper 430

Chipper with 50-in.-diameter drum can produce up to 80 tph of quality biomass

Terex Biomass Chipper 430 11569843
Terex 10835350

The Biomass Chipper 430 from Terex Environmental Equipment can produce up to 80 tph of quality biomass and is able to accept short end cuts up to 24 in. in diameter. It cuts with a 50-in.-diameter by 30-in.-wide drum turning at 700 rpms for smoother cutting and increased torque.

  • Drum features a 1-in. drum skin, full pocket cutting surface and bolt-in replaceable wear parts
  • Large in-feed system and opening enables efficient feed to slash, limbs, short wood and whole trees
  • Available in standard two behind and track drive configurations
  • Standard equipment includes dual stabilizer legs, skidder grab plate, air brake, wireless remote control, Eaton ME drive motor and Terex Eaton FX computer control system
  • Can be equipped with optional screen and blower systems

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