Thieves Do $250,000 in Damage to an Asphalt Plant to Get $5,000 Worth of Wire

Two men charged with stripping copper wire from Brantley County, FL, plant

Two men have been arrested and the Brantley County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office said it is seeking others in the October theft of copper wire from an asphalt plant in the Atkinson community.

The plant has been closed for some time, but when workers from the Macon-based company came to get the plant up and running to fulfill paving contracts, it learned it had been burglarized, Thomas said.

The wire is thought to be worth about $5,000, but Aggregates USA estimates it will cost about $250,000 to repair or replace equipment that was damaged extensively in the removal of the wire, Thomas said.

Jonthan Major Collins, 24, and Styles Stevenson Carter, 24, both of Brantley County, are charged with burglary, theft by taking and criminal damage to property in the second degree.

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