Cem-Base, Inc. Offers Free Dry Out Program

Municipalities, organizations and contractors affected by rainfalls and flooding can receive free consultation for their best course of action.

TWINSBURG, OH - Cem-Base, Inc., has announced a special program called "DRY OUT FOR CONSTRUCTION" in which the company offers free consultation for municipalities, organizations and contractors suffering from delays or cost overruns associated with moderately wet or saturated soil. With Ohio and much of the nearby Northeast experiencing unprecedented record-breaking rainfall and super-saturated soil, Cem-Base wants to give back to the community by offering free assistance to help municipalities and contractors determine the most suitable and most economical solutions.

Cem-Base Moisture conditioning is the process of turning wet, unsuitable soils (that would typically be exported off site and wasted), into usable dry fill, by treating the soils with certain admixtures. Instead of paying for the excavation and removal of unusable soil, this process enables you to leave it in place and treat it. Moisture conditioning is also an inexpensive process for construction durability and protection during the winter months.

Key benefits:

  • Allows contractors to expedite work, even on sites having super-saturated soil
  • Enables more rapid deployment of fill by eliminating delays typically associated with the natural drying of soil
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Improved utilization of existing and added materials
  • Greater environmental protection
  • Increased short-term and long-term savings

Municipal managers and engineers, and contractors of all kinds, are invited to contact Cem-Base for a free "DRY OUT FOR CONSTRUCTION" consultation to determine their best course of action. To get started without cost or obligation, call Ray Pesho at (330) 405-4105 or email ray@cembase.com.