L.M. Scofield Launches New Online Module, Names New Director of Business Development

L.M. Scofield Company has launched a new online AIA DES Module entitled "Architectural Concrete: Ground & Polished with Integral Color, Dyes and Stains".

L.M. Scofield's free informative module explains the basic principles behind the ground & polished concrete process, discusses LEED project qualifying, slip co-efficient, coloring systems, maintenance, and much more.

Although aimed at Architect's continuing education requirements, the module can be useful for anyone currently doing or thinking about using ground & polished concrete. Users will gain insight into how to incorporate ground and polished concrete into their projects and understand how to select the proper grade and class for a polished concrete specification. They will learn about densifying concrete and how ground and polished concrete compares to other flooring materials. They will learn about floor flatness, light reflectivity. They will also learn how to properly color and maintain a ground and polished floor.

To view the module, visit www.scofield.com/aia-distance-education.html

Jeff Washburn Appointed Director of Business Development, Western Division
L. M. Scofield Company has announced that Jeff Washburn has been appointed Director of Business Development, Western Division, effective January 1, 2011.

Jeff is an industry veteran, a known and respected individual at the highest levels of the ready mix and MCP industries. He began his industry career with Master Builders. In 1990 he was promoted to the SW Regional Sales Manager's position and in 1995 to the Western Division Sales Manager's position. Prior to joining Scofield, Jeff served as the Western Region Sales Manager for the Sika Corporation's Admixture Division. All facets of Jeff's career have resulted in a high level of growth and leadership in the industry.

Jeff will be leading the way in connecting the ready-mix and manufactured concrete products producers in the Western Division with Scofield's simple, fast and flexible CHROMIX-IT Liquid Color Systems. Addressing an increasing chorus of concerns from the ready-mix industry about lack of technical support, poor levels of service and lack of basic color and decorative concrete knowledge from other liquid manufacturers, Jeff will service the market along with Scofield's entire team and the company's respected reputation for field support, troubleshooting, training, specification assistance and remedies that occur "beyond the chute".

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