[VIDEO] Starting Up and Driving a 1929 Caterpillar 60

The largest tractor in Caterpillar's product line in 1929, the 20,500-lb. Sixty is powered by a 60-hp, four-cylinder gasoline engine and delivered 35 hp at the drawbar

Firing up the 1929 Caterpillar 60, then taking it for a quick spin to its shed. The 60 was powered by a four-cylinder, overhead valve gasoline engine that produced 60 horsepower at the belt and 35 horsepower at the drawbar. The 60 was a 72-inch gauge machine and weighed 20,500 pounds. The Sixty was famous for its overhanging radiator, individually mounted cylinders, lever controls, and open clutch. The Sixty was used to pull farm equipment and road scrapers. Later, cable lift blades were rigged up, so that the crawlers could be used as a bulldozer. The Sixty was the largest tractor in Caterpillar's product line at that time.Caterpillar produced model Sixty tractors in San Leandro, California through 1930 and in Peoria, Illinois through 1931. In total, 18,948 Sixty tractors were manufactured during twelve years of production. The Caterpillar Sixty was originally introduced for sale beginning in 1919 as the C. L. Best 60 Tracklayer, manufactured by the C. L. Best Tractor Company. The Best 60 was the most successful tractor in the Best model line. After the 1925 merger of the C. L. Best Tractor Company and the Holt Manufacturing Company that formed the Caterpillar Tractor Company, the Best 60 was renamed the Caterpillar Sixty. Pioneer Acres Museum, Irricana, Alberta.