Federal Judge Blocks Construction of Border Wall Sections

Order prevents work on sections in NM and AZ that President Trump planned to use money secured under his national emergency declaration to build

Associated Press
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U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. on May 24 blocked President Trump from building sections of border wall in New Mexico and Arizona. These two high-priority projects were to be built with money secured under Trump's national emergency declaration. However, Gilliam indicated he felt challengers to the project would likely "prevail at trial on their argument that the President was wrongly ignoring Congress' wishes by diverting Defense Department money."

Gilliam did reject requests by 20 states to prevent the diversion of hundreds of millions of dollars in Treasury asset forfeiture funds to wall construction.

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This ruling comes just weeks after the Army Corps of Engineers rescinded a border wall contract, admitting to "improperly excluding" companies from bidding.

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