Industrialpelican 10078228
Elgin Industrial Pelican
  • For use around industrial plants
  • Dry dust control with patented system that doesn't require water for sweeping
  • Pleated, synthetic filter with in-cab, pushbutton cleaning
  • Three-wheel, rear-steer design
  • Ground speed of up to 20 mph
  • Elgin Sweeper Corp.
  • PRE19628
  • Industrial Pelican Waterless Sweeper
  • Elgin Sweeper now offers a Pelican sweeper designed specifically for use around industrial plants. The Industrial Pelican doesn't require water for sweeping, and its dust-control system has formfitting skirts around the brooms to eliminate dust. The waterless technology also allows for operation in below-freezing temperatures. Other features include 3-wheel, rear-steer design; speed of 20 mph; and flexible skirts and protruding side brooms for easy sweeping next to fixed objects.
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