One Manufacturer's Perspective

One diamond blade manufacturer speaks about the antidumping order against foreign suppliers.

The diamond blade antidumping issue is very complex and there are as many opinions as there are parties affected by it. We talked to Paul Redwood, vice president of sales at PrimeSource, an importer of Chinese blades, to get his perspective.

RPN: Where does your company stand on the antidumping order which imposes a duty on blades imported from China and Korea?

Redwood: "We believe there will be strong pressure to reduce product quality among many suppliers as they try to maintain margin in a very competitive field... {PrimeSource] Grip-Rite blades will retain their position as a high-quality blade.

RPN: What effect will the antidumping order have on blade prices for rental businesses?

Redwood: "Along with the temptation to reduce quality, blades other than Grip-Rite may be pressured to increase prices to maintain margin. However, advancements in technology and mass manufacturing are helping to lower manufacturing costs in general, which may alleviate the pressure to increase prices."

RPN: How will the antidumping order affect the blade choices available to rental businesses?

Redwood: "There will be little impact in this area since the demand for various blades is driven by application rather than manufacturing output."

RPN: What effect will the antidumping order have on the end-user?

Redwood: "It will require the end user to become more informed to make sure they are comparing apples to apples when making buying decisions. It is possible that rather than buying blades specifically for soft or hard materials, end users will begin to opt for higher-utility combination blades such as the Grip-Rite ComboPro blade.

RPN: What effect will the order have on U.S. jobs?

Redwood: "On a national level, the antidumping order will have no effect on the United States job market."