TVH Promotes New Sales Manager for Latin America

TVH promoted Antonio Velez, general manager for Mexico, to expand his role and become the sales manager of Latin America — growing sales and enhancing customer experience.

Antonio Velez
TVH in the Americas (TVH)
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TVH in the Americas (TVH) has announced that Antonio Velez has expanded his role to now include sales manager for Latin America. In his expanded role, he will continue as the general manager for Mexico while also leading TVH’s efforts in Latin America to grow sales and enhance customer experience.

Velez began his career at TVH as the assistant general manager for Mexico, where he distinguished himself with his professionalism and excellent customer service skills. For the past three years, Velez has served as the general manager for Mexico. His hard work and dedication has been vital in growing TVH's presence throughout the region while maintaining strong customer relationships.

Velez's goal in his new position is to make TVH's customer service experience the best it can be, while ensuring the company continues to have the right product available at the right time and at the right price.

"Our goal is to make sure our customers' needs are met, no matter where they are. Taking advantage of our global perspective while continuing to pride ourselves on thinking locally and providing a service that reflects that," said Dirk von Holt, president of TVH. "I have no doubt that Antonio's experience, industry knowledge and exceptional leadership skills will ensure his success in this new role. Antonio has a very thorough understanding of our customers and their expectations. I am confident that he is a great fit to take the lead in continuing the growth and success of our international sales department in Mexico and Latin America.”

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