TAG Truck Centers and Lonestar Truck Group Merge

Merger forms one of the Largest Freightliner and Western Star dealers in the U.S.

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Effective January 1, 2018 TAG Truck Centers and the Lonestar Truck Group merged into a new company called TNTX. The two companies will align under the TNTX entity in the coming months. In the interim, the companies will operate as TAG Truck Centers and Lonestar Truck Group. TNTX will represent over $700 million in annual sales and will employ approximately 1,000 employees in 23 locations, making it one of the largest Freightliner and Western Star dealer families in the country.

“This merger is unique in that there is no change in reporting responsibilities. This will make the transition angst-free for employees and customers. Customers will see no difference in operating philosophies or policies as our ownership group was closely aligned and worked together for many years prior to this merger,” said Gary Dodson, CEO of TNTX.

“We believe that this merger ensures that our employees will be able to continue to work for hands-on and impassioned owners who are immersed in the Elite Support and Continuous Improvement methodology for many years to come,” concluded Dan Stevens, COO of the Lonestar Truck Group.

In addition to the merger, TAG opened a 190,000 sq.-ft. Freightliner dealership in Memphis, TN on December 11, 2017. The expansion moves all of TAG’s Memphis operations to one state-of-the-art location that was designed and built with a focus on customer experience and operational efficiency.

"Uptime is of the utmost importance to our customers,” said Tommy Earl, President TAG Truck Center. “Investing in a facility designed around uptime proves that we are committed to keeping our customers’ trucks on the road."

Included on the 40 acre site is a dedicated technician training facility. The training facility offers on-the-job training and other skills that are essential for career advancement in the trucking industry. This will position the Memphis community for future job growth. There are 175 full-time employees working at the new site.