Knapheide reveals aluminum gooseneck body

Customers can choose between steel or aluminum constructed gooseneck body.

Aluminum Gooseneck Body Ford AL PGNB 868 F 3 58cb46ba6fe8a

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company revealed a new aluminum gooseneck body at the 2017 Work Truck Show. For decades, Knapheide has provided customers with the premier line-up of steel gooseneck bodies. Now those same customers can choose the material that is best for their application, aluminum or steel.

The aluminum gooseneck bodies from Knapheide feature an innovative design and industry-exclusive construction. Customers can expect the aluminum gooseneck bodies to be corrosion resistant and lightweight yet strong, translating into a durable product with maximum payload and towing capacity.

The new aluminum gooseneck bodies can now be ordered through Knapheide’s North American distribution network. 

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