Top 10 Hottest Construction Stories This Week: Winter Diesel Dos and Don’ts

Most-read construction stories of the week include each state DOT’s take from the COVID relief bill, three big prospects for 2021construction, concrete company admits to antitrust violations, how calcium improves cold weather concrete pours, more
Cu Winter Diesel

Cu RobotsBoston Dynamics10. Can You Mash Potato? Do the Twist? These Construction Robots Can

Boston Dynamics video shows off the flexibility, and fun, of its construction robots

Cu Masterpiece Adobe Stock 141554471 5fd7838ddb3e5Adobe Photoshop | tashatuvango9. How to Turn Your Business into a Masterpiece

Four tips on how to sculpt your business into the masterpiece that you want it to be and achieve great personal satisfaction as a result


8. Stimulus Bill Requires Contractors Do the Right Thing in Coronavirus Contact Tracing

To keep workers productive on job sites, employers will need capacity to identify COVID-19 exposure and notify those at risk within 24 hours. Paper records of health screenings won't do the job


Cu Mips Helmet Technology 2 Jonas Kullman 1811 3363 5ff8f427f02ed 5ff8f4ce4b832MIPS7. Swedish Company MIPS Develops Safer Hard Hat

MIPS technology protects against brain injuries caused by rotational impact

Cu Infrastructure Investment Report Adobe Stock 299083366 5ffdcad239304Adobe Stock/Enrique del Barrio6. Report: Infrastructure Investment Presents Opportunity to Energize U.S. Economy

The ASCE has released their 2021 Failure to Act Report which discusses how the nation’s failure to act to improve the condition of U.S. infrastructure systems affect the nation’s economic performance

Cu Winter Concrete Getty Images 541278818 Winter Construction Site 5e20724fd5143GettyImages5. Adding Calcium Chloride to Improve Cold Weather Concrete Pouring

Calcium chloride is the most effective and least expensive cold weather accelerator for concrete. But its use may be limited by building codes or prohibited by some specifications


Cu Antitrust Adobe Stock 92599329 5ff61f0ddc62f 5ff61f3eb3f37 5ff61f4dd3de3Adobe Stock Images | By Maksim Kabakou4. Ready-Mix Concrete Company Admits to Fixing Prices and Rigging Bids in Violation of Antitrust Laws

Argos USA LLC, is being charged with participating in a conspiracy to fix prices, rig bids, and the allocating of markets for sales of ready-mix concrete in Georgia


Cu 2021 Construction Propects Adobe Stock 33183463 1 5fd29b8865e38 5fd3c8b7b2138 5fd3c8dfc7e0a 5fd3c8f9ce9c6 5fd3c902dc0ad 5fd3c91d0804b 5fd3c948ad70c 5fd3c96441488©seb hovaguimian – stock.adobe.com3. Three Promising Prospects for Construction and Infrastructure in 2021

There are positive opportunities ahead for the construction industry, with three key initiatives promising various forms of infrastructure investment


Cu State Dot ReliefScott Law/Facebook2. How Much Money Will Your State DOT Receive from Latest COVID Relief Bill?

Division M of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 provides full funding for highway and airport construction projects in 2021 and $10 billion allocated to the states in support of emergency relief for State DOTs


Cu Winter DieselPerkins1. Diesel Engines Do’s and Don’ts for a Trouble-free Winter

Simple steps like keeping your fuel tanks and cans filled, using weather-appropriate fuels, strategic equipment parking, and regular battery care can all make a big difference in how winter impacts your businessCu Robots2Boston Dynamics