Free Material Kits Enhance Construction Safety Meetings & Training offers a directory of free safety training materials that can be used during safety meetings

As a construction business owner, you should be fully aware of the importance of safety. But safety isn't just a topic discussed once and then left on the shelf to collect dust. Safety is an ongoing discussion. Safety procedures should be updated for each different jobsite. Safety should be reviewed to make sure employees and processes are working safely as intended. Safety should be taught and then reviewed, many times.

In a poll of visitors back in May 2012, we asked readers to let us know how often they meet to discuss safety on the jobsite. Here's what respondents said:

  • 7% More frequently than daily
  • 31% Daily
  • 14% More frequently than weekly
  • 28% Weekly
  • 21% Less than three times per month

In another poll from July 2012, we asked how often construction workers get in-depth safety training. Respondents said:

  • 0% More frequently than weekly
  • 27% Weekly
  • 33% Monthly
  • 7% Every few months
  • 20% Once a year
  • 13% Less than once a year

Safety meetings and training are a great way to refresh employees on how to work safely. These meetings can be done on the jobsite or in the office. It's also a great opportunity to use visual aids to drive the point home. is a website that offers free materials for safety training meetings. The site features a directory of free safety meeting kits which include a powerpoint, checklist, printable handout and a sign-in sheet for multiple different areas of safety under the following topics:

  • Disease, Hazardous Materials & Health Related Training
  • Safety Management
  • General Workplace Safety Hazards
  • Equipment & Machines

Construction contractors will find materials on many different safety concerns for the industry, especially in the equipment category.

These materials are not the end all be all for safety instruction, of course, but they do offer another opportunity to get valuable safety training information into the hands of your workers to help make sure that every employee makes it home safely.