Celebrate N95 Respirator Day on September 5

September 5th is just one day set aside for respirator safety awareness, but construction workers should be taking the proper safety precautions every day on the job

While it's not an official holidy, 14 states (including my home state of Wisconsin), OSHA, the CDC and NIOSH celebrate N95 Respirator Day on September 5. What's the point? To remind workers in industries where respirators are worn - including the construction industry - about the importance of respirator safety and how to make educated decision when selecting and wearing a respirator.

Video: An Introduction to N95 Day 2014

Safety Video: Respiratory Protection in Construction

As part of the awareness effort, NIOSH will be hosting a Twitter chat on September 5. The organization will also be releasing new infographics and more to provide the best N95 filtering facepiece respirator information to users. The Twitter chat will allow you to ask your N95 respirator questions while @NIOSH and @NPPTL along with Dr. Maryann D'Alessandro, the director of the NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, will share best practices. The chat will take place at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and will use the hashtag #N95Chat.

OSHA Respirators QuickCard

Check out even more information on both past and the upcoming N95 Respirator Day as well as online resources for respirator selection and use.