10 Big Construction Stories This Week: Pandemic Processes Here to Stay

The most-read stories of last week include five common causes of construction's most expensive errors; trouble brewing in the COVID recovery; why construction should skip the payroll tax holiday; continuous improvement comes to construction

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10. How Incremental Innovation Can Benefit Your Construction Business

The construction industry is poised for change as technology takes hold. But that change is likely to come less in the form of disruption and more in the form of impactful increments

Rental Az CounterPoint of Rental

9. Arizona Rental Company Manages Dual Business with Point of Rental Software

After some sizeable growth, A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales needed new software that could handle both sides of their business, so they turned to Point of Rental Software


8. Why Contractors Risk Getting Stuck With the Bill for the Social Security Payroll Tax Deferral

The cost:benefit analysis of President Trump’s campaign-season tax ‘loan’ for employees is convincing big employers to opt out, but the program holds a special risk to construction firms


7. Continuing Resolution Would Extend FAST Act Funding

The continuing resolution released by the House would authorize the transfer of $10.4 billion to the Highway Trust Fund from the general fund for highways and another $3.2 billion for transit


6. Extension Likely as FAST Act Deadline Looms

The industry is expecting Congressional leaders to kick the can down the road on a long-term funding plan for our roads and highways. The House is expected to consider legislation this week to avert a government shutdown


Tax Adobe Stock 85489732 5f625a5865fd1 5f625a69e5f815. The (Not So) Clear Benefits of a Payroll Tax Holiday

For construction contractors, this short-term “loan” program may prove more trouble than it’s worth


Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum4. Milwaukee Tool Launches New M18 FUEL Compact Vacuum With Two-Stage Debris Separation System

The vacuum is engineered with proprietary two-stage debris separation functionality


3. Construction Employment Rebounds Well from COVID-19 But Trouble May Be Brewing

Marcum Commercial Construction Index shows construction jobs construction recovered faster than any other major economic segment in the pandemic-driven recession but sales and profit outlooks are darkening in some segments

 Construction Errors Infographic

2. Five Common Causes of Construction's Most Expensive Errors

Key reasons so many construction projects are delivered late and over budget. And how to correct them


1. Which Pandemic-initiated Construction Processes and Technologies are Built to Last?

Many of these processes will stick around long after we return to our so-called “normal” way of working. Here’s what to expect over the next several months and years