"E-inquiry" and a first webcast


With this issue, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction takes a couple giant steps forward in the realm of technology: We’re making it easier for readers to contact advertisers and receive product information; plus we’re hosting our first webcast with Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group, on Oct. 30.

First, the webcast. In an effort to extend National Pavement Expo’s successful seminars and Pavement’s “how-to” focus throughout the year, Pavement (and other Cygnus Business Media publications) is hosting a one-hour, free event, “Squeezing 3%-5% More Profit from Your Business.” Cosponsored by Elgin Sweepers (that’s why it’s free to you), the program outlines steps you can take to capture a few more points of profit without making major operational changes. It also will include a 15-minute live Q&A session. All you need to do is register (www.forconstructionpros.com/webcast) and be ready online at noon CST Oct. 30. (The webcast will be recorded so it also will be available through our website afterward). So thanks to Brad Humphrey for working with us on this program and thanks to Elgin Sweeper for underwriting the cost.

The second step we’re calling “e-inquiry,” and it will enable contractors to more quickly and easily contact manufacturers to obtain information about new products. In the past, readers interested in information about products or ads would remove a card from the magazine, fill in the numbers, and mail it to us. We would collect and send those names to the companies, who would in turn send information to the interested contractors. E-inquiry should be easier and quicker: We’ll either send you an e-inquiry card (if we have your e-mail address), which you can respond to directly, or you can visit www.pavementonline.com, click on “e-inquiry,” then click the numbers or companies you’re interested in. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.