Ford F-Series Pickups Produce a Record Nine Straight Months Topping 70,000 Trucks Sold

F-Series continues to transact close to record level transaction prices of $47,000 per pickup - $1,800 higher than the segment average.


   Ford F-Series has now recorded a record nine straight months topping 70,000 trucks sold, on sales of 72,102 pickups.  A stronger mix of Trucks and SUVs increased Ford’s overall average transaction pricing, hitting a new record of $37,000 in November, a $1,600 increase over last year. This compares to a $780 increase for the overall industry, with average transaction prices of $33,400.

   November U.S. sales at Ford Motor Company totaled 196,303 vehicles, representing a 6.9 percent decline . Ford fleet sales were down 7.1 percent; daily rental was down 32.7 percent, while commercial sales were up 11.8 percent