Is Mobile Technology Becoming a Foundation of Construction?

Mobile technology on the construction jobsite is becoming more prevalent, but what can it do for you and how do you decide what technologies to use

Is mobile technology becoming a foundation in the construction industry? Paul Bedard, director of Global Enterprise Data Solutions for Verizon Wireless, thinks so. In a recent blog, Bedard shared his thoughts on the benefits of mobile technology as well as tips for contractors on how to choose and employ these technologies.

Here are some of the highlights from Bedard's blogs.

Asset tracking and management

Mobile technology is more than just a smartphone or tablet with apps. Wireless technology can be incorporated into equipment and other assets to monitor use as well as track in case the assets are stolen. The benefit? Contractors can save money on maintenance and reduce the loss of valuable equipment.

Increased communication and collaboration

Mobile technologies allow construction contractors communicate with everyone involved in a project easily and quickly. Mobile technologies now allow us to not only call personnel that is off site or remote but also send images, documents and other information quickly directly from the jobsite. Contractors no longer have to wait until the end of the day or until they can meet face to face to share important updates or project changes.

Bedard summed it up perfectly in his blog by saying, "Construction firms should always explore new technologies to help remote team members collaborate more effectively. Anything that speeds up collaboration speeds up productivity at the worksite."

Tips for choosing mobile capable devices

Almost everyone has a mobile phone now, and many of those are smartphones. Some contractors are now using tablets on jobsites as well. But how do you know what device or devices would be best for your construction business?

Bedard offers a few tips:

  • What type of environment will the device be exposed to? Rugged devices are a great fit for harsh environments, like most construction sites.
  • What will you be viewing? Will you use the device to take and send picture or video? Will you be viewing building and construction plans on your mobile device? Consider what screen size will be a better fit for what you'll be viewing on the device. 
  • Will you be using apps? Do you know what apps you want to use? Are they available for the particular device you're considering? Do you need a larger screen for the app?

Read Bedard's blog on mobile technology in construction and his Q&A on mobile technology to see everything he had to say on this topic, and share your thoughts on this blog in the comments section below.