Does Your State Have the Worst Roads?

Michigan is said to have the worst roads while Pennsylvania has the worst bridges

I recently read an article on Yahoo from Thrillest that awarded every state the dubious title of what the state is worst at. While some were silly or downright pointless (do we really care if Washington has the least amount of Justin Bieber fans) two states did earn the title of worst for infrastructure.

According to the article, Michigan has the worst roads and Pennsylvania has the worst bridges. The article states that "Michigan spends the least per capita on its roads and bridges, at $174 per person annually", and that "Of the 22,660 bridges in PA, 23% are considered 'structurally deficient'.

Do you agree that these two states should take home the titles of worst roads and bridges? Which states would you award as the worst in these categories? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.