12 Days of Construction Christmas 2017 - Builder Coffee Mug

If you know a construction worker coffee drinker this mug is just the present for them

Builder Mug

Continuing the 2017 12 Days of Construction Christmas gift list...

One the second day of Construction Christmas - "Caution Builder at Work" Mug

So construction contractors may not use a coffee mug on the jobsite, but that doesn't mean they might not want one at home. Or, if they have a desk, it can always double as decoration or a pencil holder.

Under $10, this is a fun little gift that won't break the bank if you're looking to buy for multiple employees or co-workers. You can choose the mug handle, too, with either an electric drill, pliers or hammer. Plus, it looks like the mug comes in a box resembling a toolbox. A couple fun little touches for a traditional gift.

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