12 Days of Construction Christmas 2017 - Construction Management Books

A construction management book is a great gift to help workers take advantage of slower construction months


Continuing the 2017 12 Days of Construction Christmas gift list...

One the tenth day of Construction Christmas — construction management books

Education is a lifelong adventure. Even those at the top of their field benefit from continued education. Plus, with the labor shortage in the construction industry, many construction companies may find themselves training and promoting management from existing lower level employees.

There are lots of different resources out there to help construction managers improve and expand their knowledge and skills. So many that last year Capterra complied a list of 36 of the best construction management books. These books cover a variety of topics including accounting, building codes, construction business management best practices, construction equipment management, construction leadership and more.

If you have a construction manager or construction manager in training on your holiday shopping list consider getting him or her one or more of the books reviewed on this top 36 list. Additionally, ForConstructionPros.com contributor Brad Humphrey has also written a few useful reading resources on construction management.

Or, try a Google or Amazon search and I'm sure you'll find many more options. A book makes a great gift for downtime during the slow or off season!

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