12 Days of Construction Christmas 2017 - Gear Keeper Add-A-Clip

The Add-A-Clip product line helps attach tools to webbing straps, tool belts or backpacks

Add A Clip Product Line

Continuing the 2017 12 Days of Construction Christmas gift list...

One the eighth day of Construction Christmas — Gear Keeper Add-A-Clip Devices

Here's another gift option for the construction worker who needs to keep smaller tools close at hand. Gear Keeper offers eight Add-A-Clip clip models that can attach small hand tools to webbing straps, tool belts or backpacks.

The Add-A-Clip family also includes a wide range of attachment options including a threaded stainless steel pin stud to penetrate heavy material, a split ring, a swivel snap clip and a side activated quick release model.

The Add-A-Clip device models include:

  • ACO-1001 Plastic Snap Clip
  • ACO-1002 Stainless Steel Split Ring
  • ACO-1003 Side Quick Release with split ring
  • ACO-1004 Stainless Steel Snap Clip
  • ACO-1005 Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Clip
  • ACO-1006 Glove Holder
  • ACO-1007 Brass Snap Clip
  • ACO-1008 Flashlight Stabilizer

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