Internal Ramblings - Introduction

Intern April Schultz's DIY experiences and tips for providing appropriate products for novice rental customers.

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Hello readers. This is the first of several blog posts to come about the trials of an intern and her DIY projects.

To properly introduce myself, my name is April Schultz and I am the editorial intern working with editor Jenny Lescohier on Rental Magazine. I have Jenny to thank for this position as her persuasiveness won over many in the company and helped me wiggle my way in for the summer.

Over the past few months I have been gaining a lot of knowledge not only about journalism, but also the rental industry and the magazine’s specific audience. One of my favorite aspects of the position has been finding ways to appeal to this audience through social media and other such facets. That was one inspiration for the creation of this blog. The other inspiration was my surprising ambition to build, and build I will. I have planned a multitude of projects for this summer.

This leads into the purpose of the blog. My hopes are to provide the rental industry with the DIY perspective. I will be documenting my attempts at building and using tools in order to provide rental businesses with a general idea of what products the “common man” uses and how they use them. I want to prepare rental companies for people like me who walk into the store with determination on their faces and Pinterest instructions in their hands.

So stick around, because I’ll be posting a new project and “internal ramblings” every Friday through the month of August. See you next Friday!