Top 10 Construction Stories This Week: Cat Next Gen Medium Loaders Burn 35% Less Fuel

Most-read construction stories include Ford's all-new F-150 Lightning electric pickup one-ups petroleum power, the Ultimate Guide to Asphalt Pavement Compaction, construction details of the Tokyo Aquatics Center for the 2021 Summer Olympics

Cu Cat Loader
Caterpillar Inc.

Cu Vanguard10. Industry Conversations with Vanguard

David Frank, vice president of commercial engine sales, shares what's next in terms of innovation for the rental industry, what's on the horizon for the company, and more

9. Did the April Housing-Starts Surprise Result from Weather or Materials and Labor Shortage?

US new home construction dropped precipitously and permits were weak in the face of unprecedented demand for new homes, but multifamily construction showed signs of revival


8. Case Study: N.C. Medical Office Parking Lot Finds Savings & Ease of Installation with Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Without the space needed for a typical underground detention system, one N.C. contractor still needed a solution for stormwater runoff in a parking lot and found a solution with permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICPs)


7. Drywall Contractor Uses Origami Method to Improve Appearance, Save Time

The custom cut drywall uses a combination of gypsum, wood, plastic and even cement board to complete intricate and complex assemblies while keeping costs down


6. $350 Billion in American Rescue Plan Funds Available for Transportation Projects

With more than $12 billion in projects cancelled due to declining revenues, allowing the $350 billion to be used for infrastructure improvements gives states and localities more flexibility to get transportation construction projects back on track


5. How to Determine Concrete Slump

What is concrete slump? What tools do you need? What is the procedure to test concrete slump? Great questions. Let's break down the tools needed and the testing procedure step by step


4. Construction Details of the Tokyo Aquatics Center for the 2021 Summer Olympics

Despite COVID postponing the 2020 Summer Olympics to this year, construction of the Tokyo Aquatics Center pushed forward and completed on schedule for Feb. 2020. It opened officially this past October


3. The Ultimate Guide to Asphalt Pavement Compaction

A detailed how-to guide full of steps and recommendations to achieve successful asphalt pavement compaction and avoid failure


2. Ford's All-New F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup One-Ups Petroleum Power

On the job site and on the road, an electric truck faster than the Raptor with standard 4WD, hauling capacity and range competitive with internal combustion, energy to run power tools and unique digital smarts starts to look like a game changer


1. Cat Rolls out Next Gen 980 and 982 Medium Wheel Loaders

New technologies such as Autodig with Auto Set Tires and available CVT transmission allow these 10- to 12-ton wheel loaders be up to 10% more productive and increase fuel efficiency up to 35%