Five Creative Ways To Market Your Construction Company

Try these five tactics to create buzz about your construction company and get your phone ringing

Information for this blog was written and contributed by GradeBeam.

With media constantly shifting, marketing your construction company can seem like a daunting task. At the end of the day, there is no more powerful marketing tool than word-of-mouth, and most of these five tactics are just tips to make your company "buzz" around the neighborhood. Try one or all of these five ideas to get your phone ringing.

1. Picture frames

After doing a job bring your customer a picture frame with before, during and after construction pictures in it. Put your company's name and contact information on the back. This will serve as a permanent reminder of the great work you did. Along with the picture frame you can bring a gift certificate to a local caterer to help them show their new project to their friends - you'll almost always get invited.

2. Truck magnets

Make refrigerator magnets with your company name and information and stick them to the back of your truck. Include a sign inviting people to take them. Your company will be on your potential customer's fridge until they're ready for your services!

3. Offer a free "Green Audit" with every estimate

Bring a "Green Box" with you to every estimate you give. Fill the box with a few basic energy saving tips and information about sustainability websites like This will leave a lasting impression on your potential clients and set you aside from the competition.

4. Create a referral rewards program

If you're already getting referrals take it a step further by creating a rewards program. After a job, stop by your client's place (maybe bring a gift like wine or flowers) to explain the program. For every dollar they refer you offer 2 percent in gift certificates to a local store of their choice or a 3 percent rebate towards their next job.

5. Dinner and cocktails

Set up a dinner and cocktail reception for your former clients, and encourage them to bring their friends along. Peter Danis, a contractor in Ontario tried this and said, "To my surprise, out of the 32 friends that came in for cocktails, 26 of them signed a total of $464,000 worth of work."

Have you tried one or more of these marketing strategies? Let us know how they worked for your construction business.