Don't Forget to Be Thankful

Look for opportunities to express thanks - you'll find them even in the biggest challenges facing the construction industry

Thank You

There is so much going on in the construction industry that can make every day a challenge or frustrating. But with Thanksgiving just a few days away, now is a great time to step aside and remember all the things we can (and should) be thankful for.

Yes, there is a labor shortage. But be thankful that there is still work needing to be done. After all, that's what's keeping you in business. On that note, be thankful your company is still in business. It's weathered many different storms but you and your employees and co-workers are still here, doing what you love and (hopefully) making money doing it.

Be thankful for the opportunities the labor shortage and the retiring baby boomers brings. A chance to reach and inspire a new generation of construction workers. Yes, it's a challenge, but it's not impossible. Be thankful for the opportunity to develop your current employees to fill the positions you need.

The industry is changing. Some may see the growing use of technology as another challenge or possibly a burden. But here's another area we can be thankful. Be thankful for new technology that is improving the way you do business and improving productivity. Be thankful that the technology advances are hopefully improving safety for your employees and co-workers. Promoting the technology aspects of the construction industry could also be a great way to recruit this tech-savvy generation of workers.

What else might be bringing us down? Well, there's always the political climate and the lack of funds or progress on infrastructure and other construction funding. Frustrating, yes. But there's still opportunity to be thankful. Be thankful that these issues are being discussed. It could be worse; politicians could completely ignore this growing problem and need. Be thankful that democracy provides us a voice to our government. Be thankful that there are many advocate groups working on behalf of the construction industry to help those voices be heard.

And one more thing: be thankful for your employees and your co-workers. They are out there everyday in jobs that are challenging and environments that sometimes pose safety risks. Be thankful for them and the hard work they do. And let them know how thankful you are. Make sure you tell them, and tell them more than just around the holidays. A hand-written card, a face-to-face thank you or a special employee meal or event can really make your employees and co-workers feel valued and in turn thankful to be working for a company that values them.

So this Thanksgiving remember all the things you and your company have to be thankful for, and find the time to say thanks to those around you. And hey, feel free to continue this practice year round and not just at the holidays!

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.