12 Days of Construction Christmas 2017 - Hard Hat Tree Ornament

Every construction worker needs a work-related tree ornament


Continuing the 2017 12 Days of Construction Christmas gift list...

One the fifth day of Construction Christmas — Construction Helmet Ornament

It may not seem like much, but if you have a big list of construction workers to shop for, consider a tree ornament. My family has always had the yearly tradition of getting a new ornament every year. When I was a kid we'd get our new ornament on St. Nick's day. Now that I've got my own family, we all get a new ornament in our Christmas stockings on Christmas morning.

I even use that same tradition with the dance team I coach, giving them all a new dance-related ornament each year. My returning dancers look forward to this each year wondering what the ornament will be that year.

So well a Christmas ornament may seem like a small, thoughtless gift, it could actual be quite thoughtful. Maybe start the tradition of giving your employees or co-workers a new ornament each year. Write the year somewhere on the ornament so every time they bring it out to hang it up they can remember when they received it.

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