12 Days of Construction Christmas 2018 - Valuable Experience

Sometimes the best gift can be sending your workers somewhere, like a trade show or a much needed vacation

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One the eleventh day of Construction Christmas — time away from the jobsite

Sometimes the best gifts aren't physical items. This holiday season, consider giving your workers something else, like extra vacation or send them to a trade show.

I'm not suggesting all-expenses paid trips. Maybe this year you could give all your workers one extra day of paid vacation. What employee wouldn't appreciate that?

Or, consider giving them time off from the jobsite in another form. Pay part of their expenses to send them to an industry trade show and some of the educational classes and experiences offered there. All workers can benefit from a mental and physical break of the job. But a trade show offers the opportunity to stay connect to work and even improve your skills or garner new ideas for the company. If the same employees always attend trade shows, consider "gifting" this opportunity to employees who don't normally attend.

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