The Contractor's Best Friend Podcast Season 3 Episode 8 - Technology Advancements to Prepare for Part 2

Brad Humphrey and the Caterpillar subject experts are back with part two of the Technology Advancements to Prepare for podcast.

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Maintain existing equipment or buy new technology?

S3E8: Technology Advancements to Prepare for Part 2   

When is the right time to buy new equipment rather than maintaining older machines?  Are you taking a look at your fleet each year and planning for the future?

Brad Humphrey and Caterpillar’s subject matter experts take a deep dive into how to prepare your business plan to remain a competitive business. They also share helpful insight on how to be proactive with maintenance to reduce downtime on the job.

Moderated by:
Brad Humphrey, The Contractor’s Best Friend, Pinnacle Development Group - Founder

Brought to you by:
Jason Hurdis, Caterpillar Inc, Global Market Professional – Quarry & Aggregates Industries
Lonnie Fritz, Caterpillar Inc, Market Professional – Construction Industries


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