Do You Instagram?

Recent reports are showing photos and videos are generating the most engagement on social media, so consider using social sharing tools like Instagram to share photos and increase user engagement

We're all aware of the influence social media has on our culture today. And in the years social media has been around it's grown from personal use to permeate the business world. Many construction companies have joined the social media world to communicate, share and build a relationship with current and future customers.

And it looks like the saying "a picture's worth a thousand words" holds true in the social media realm as well. When it comes to Facebook, photos and videos drive the most engagement, according to a recent report from global communications company M Booth and media measurement and analytics firm Simply Measured. Check out this infographic of the report's results.

What's the takeaway for construction business owners? Get your pictures out in the social media world! Share your jobsite photos for so customers can see the great, quality work your company offers.

Want a place where you can be photo focused? Have you tried Instagram?

Instagram is a free way to share your pictures with the social media (and online) world. Using your mobile phone to take a picture, you can then use Instagram to share (and even transform) your photos - and you can send the photos to Facebook and Twitter, too.

What's the benefit of Instagram? With a focus on social sharing through photos it could be a great option to visually connect with your social media audience. Also, according to the report mentioned above, in April 2012, Instagram's user base grew by 10 million in 10 days and reached a total of 40 million users. Instagram is on track to reach 100 million users faster than Facebook did.

So if you're not already using Instagram, consider trying it for your construction business. It's another tool your company can use to "show" your customers the great work you do.

Another visual-focused social media site is Pintrest. The Construction Marketing Association offers some tips on how construction companies can use Pintrest in their social media strategies.