Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment, Inc.

Midland, MI 48642

Company Details
120 Waldo Ave
Midland, MI 48642

Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment manufactures a portable, affordable asphalt recycler & hot box equipment used for pavement repairs such as potholes, point repairs, utility cuts and patches.  Founded in 2004, Falcon is continuously ranked as the fastest growing asphalt repair equipment manufacturer and has customers in almost every US state and Canadian province.

Falcon's asphalt recycler & hot box will do the following:

  1. Recycle leftover virgin asphalt, asphalt chunks and millings
  2. Hold and transport hot mix and keep it hot all day
  3. Hold hot mix asphalt overnight
  4. Heat and reheat cold patch asphalt

Falcon's product family is as follows:

  • Trailer, dump box, truck mounted (slip-in), MINI and hook lift models
  • Hopper Capacity ranging from 1/2-ton to 8-tons
  • Diesel or propane fuel source (single and dual burners)
  • Full line of bolt-on options
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