A Construction Playground

For many construction workers, part of the job entails operating heavy equipment, digging and moving earth. And let's face it, that can be fun. The first time I ever operated an excavator I had a blast. Of course, I was just digging a random hole, not working on a construction site. The desire to operate earthmoving equipment without the constraints of a construction job has prompted Ed Mumm to open Dig This, a construction theme park in Las Vegas. According to the original article from enr.com, Dig This opened on May 4, 2011, on Rancho Drive. The 5-acre theme park features five pieces of equipment, two bulldozers and three hydraulic excavators. Visitors 14 years and older can purchase a three hour package which includes safety and operating orientation. Guests can play in the dirt or participate in skills tests with the equipment. Whether you operate heavy equipment on a day to day basis or not, Dig This offers grown-ups the chance to live out their digging dreams born on the playground or in the sandbox as kids.