Construction's Coronavirus Daily Update

UPDATED 5/26/2020 -- How to protect your company and people, economic projections and all of the construction industry's COVID-19 pandemic news

Prefabrication outsources some close-quarters mechanical work off your job sites and cuts project timelines.
Prefabrication outsources some close-quarters mechanical work off your job sites and cuts project timelines.

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New US Home Sales Outperform April Forecasts

NAHB considers the fact that new home sales are 1.4% higher through April than the first four months of 2019 evidence that housing will be a leading sector in eventual US economic recovery

Genie Provides COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols for Aerial Equipment

This information provides jobsite superintendents and fleet managers with specific precautions to take in order to keep workers and jobsites safe and productive

How Prefabrication Delivers Safety and Production Vertical Construction Needs for Coronavirus Survival

Outsourcing close-quarter construction to prefab shops shifts infection risk off your job sites and slashes time from project timelines

California Construction Company Offers Free App to Control COVID-19

BuildCenter, a software spinoff from COBE Construction Inc., is offering a free health screening tool and attendance log

Construction Post-COVID-19: 4 Tools to Adapt to the New Normal

As states reopen there could be a second wave of virus, which construction teams need to be prepared to work through with the help of technology, policy and PPE. Contractors should not expect things to go back to the way they were

Some US Megaprojects Figure Out How to Keep Moving Through COVID-19

Big-dollar developments across the country are adapting to challenges brought by the coronavirus health crisis

OSHA Adopts Revised Enforcement Policies For Coronavirus

As states begin reopening their economies, OSHA has issued two revised enforcement policies to ensure employers are taking action to protect their employees

Put a Plan in Place to Get Your Construction Business Back in Operation

Jumping back into business without careful planning could put you back out of it quickly

April US Housing Starts Fall to Five-Year Low

US housing construction fell significantly lower than forecast in the first full month of COVID-19 pandemic response, but the builders are already showing signs of resilience

State DOTs Would Get $15B in House Phase 4 COVID-19 Bill

AASHTO projects DOTs will need nearly $50B to continue operations in the face of drastic falloffs in motor fuel tax revenues, toll road receipts, and other funding sources resulting from coronavirus response

Five Steps to Ease Worker Concerns About Returning to Work Amid COVID-19

As the government allows more companies and industries to reopen, construction workers are starting to return back to work. Take these steps to ease any anxiety your employees may have

How to Maximize Forgiveness of your PPP Loan

A step-by-step primer helps contractors maximize forgiveness of their PPP loan

Treasury Confirms Paycheck Protection Loans Under $2M are in “Good Faith”

New Treasury Department guidance provides safe harbor for firms that received loans of less than $2 million, clarifies repayment from firms that received more and don’t meet good-faith standard

Existing in the Age of COVID-19

In today’s crisis-laden world, learning new tools, rules, and practices for your business may help you thrive

Jobless Claims Point to Further U.S. Employment Declines in May

The rate that weekly initial jobless claims are shrinking may be leveling off at a substantial level, but continuing claims just barely rose

How to Connect During Crisis: Email Marketing and COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything about everything - even marketing

Construction Starts Show Sharp Contraction in April, Dip 8% Year-to-date

Despite broad-based weakness due to the COVID-19 spread, total construction for the 12 months prior was actually 1% higher vs. the same period ending in 2019

Return of the Workforce

The country is starting to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, so what does that mean for employers getting employees back into the workforce? There may be more things to consider than you thought

Technology Makes Shawmut Projects Safer from COVID-19

Contractor takes on unprecedented risks by innovating new safety protocols integrated with new monitoring technologies

Leadership and Renewal

During a time of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic, you can make the future as bright or brighter than ever with just a few simple considerations

[Survey] Two-Thirds of AGC Contractors Report Coronavirus Project Delays or Cancellations

Weekly AGC surveys show impact of COVID-19 uncertainty increasingly taking construction work out of the private sector, and cutting payrolls

House and White House Fighting for Highway Spending as Coronavirus Stimulus

Senate Republicans openly defiant about supporting citizens and states after bathing corporations in record stimulus spending

Tips to Keep Construction Trucks Running During Pandemic

Stay on top of state DMV restrictions and utilize services such as online parts delivery

[PODCAST] ABC Discusses Coronavirus Impact on Construction Activity and Materials

Associated Builders and Contractor's Mike Bellaman shares outlook for construction industry going forward

Why the ‘Essential’ Construction Business is Setting Records For Steep Decline

Construction laid off 13% of its workforce in April, and new AGC/Procore data measures where work hours have fallen the most and why this ‘essential’ activity is contracting at record rates

How Contractors and Dealers Continue to Work Together Safely & Efficiently During the COVID Crisis

From "kicking the tires" virtually to curbside parts pickup, the COVID-19 crisis is highlighting the different ways construction companies need and choose to do business with construction equipment dealers

SBA Blocks Out Most Applicants to a $110B Coronavirus Stimulus Loan Fund

Only agricultural businesses can still submit applications to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan fund just 10 days after its $60B replenishment

[TRANSPORTATION CHAIN] How COVID-19 is Impacting Transportation, Trucking and Supply Chains

This episode of Transportation Chain examines how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting supply chain management, material availability in both construction and equipment manufacturing, as well as the movement of construction materials and equipment

How Construction is Adapting to Supply Chain Disruptions

During the COVID-19 crisis, the “new normal” for construction contractors includes adapting to disruptions not only on the jobsite but in the supply chain

Goldman Sachs Doubts There Will Be a Round 3 of PPP Loans

In a month, businesses have taken nearly $700B in payroll support, but there are other stimulus options available to small businesses

Triax Technologies Proximity Trace Provides Social Distancing Solution

System addresses COVID-19 workforce challenges by managing social distancing and enabling contact tracing on jobsites

How Might the Change of Getty Images 478093732Seasons Affect COVID-19?

Researchers want to know if the disease is seasonal, like colds. But while heat and humidity harm the virus in the lab, that’s not the same as real life

New York Governor Sketches Reopening Phases with Construction, Manufacturing First

The state's stay-at-home order is due to expire on May 15, and Cuomo previously said areas with fewer infections and enough available hospital beds could consider reopening

Mortenson-McCarthy Begins COVID-19 Allegiant Stadium NevadaTesting on Allegiant Stadium Workers

After 16 COVID-19 cases arise on site, the contractor joint venture asks for help from the Southern Nevada Health District with on-site voluntary coronavirus testing

[VIDEO] CrewStrong Enhances Safety by Providing Employee Tracking During Pandemic

CrewStrong tracks employee movements and interactions on the jobsite, allowing for enhanced safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

Establishing a Policy on Reducing the Spread of Disease

PCTC offers to tips to protect workers from coronavirus

What’s a Contractor to Do…with COVID19?

Tips for contractors on surviving a COVID-19 economy

Use This Reopening Checklist to Protect Construction People from Coronavirus

Returning from coronavirus stay-home orders is definitely not going to be business as usual. Here’s how to prepare for your peoples’ safety and productivity

Latest Updates: How Construction is Supporting Coronavirus Efforts

Updated 5/5/2020: The construction industry has always been willing to step up in times of need and the coronavirus crisis is no exception

Is Construction Still Considered 'Essential' In Your State?

With states allowing stay-home orders to expire in environments where COVID-19 infections and deaths continue to rise, here's a place where you can discover the official status of whether or not you can go to work

FieldwireCoping With COVID-19 Stress on a Hard-Working Construction Workforce

Special effort is going to be necessary to coax nomadic construction professionals through the risk of infection, coupled with the stress of dealing with shelter-in-place orders while on the road

Construction Employment Declines In 99 Metro Areas In March Amid Calls for New Funding to Add Jobs

Association officials urged federal and state officials to boost investments in infrastructure to help put more people back to work

Homebuilders See Sales Jump as Renters Flee Urban Apartments

Home sales remain down precipitously, but one real estate company is registering spot increases by opportunistic first-time buyers

Manufacturers Encourage Infrastructure Investment to Help Shore Up Both Equipment Demand and Economy

Eight out of 10 executives say the federal government should prioritize infrastructure investment to help equipment manufacturers weather the crisis and rebuild the economy

Ihs 5ea98f9e55559COVID-19 Sends Construction Costs Negative for First Time Since November 2016

Expectations for future construction costs reached all-time low as respondents see negative cost pressures continuing through fall

Coronavirus-related Agency Closures Halt Licensing of New Truck Drivers

Updated 4/28/2020: Closure of state DMVs and CDL training facilities risks undermining the country’s ability to respond and recover from COVID-19

Coalition Urges Congress to Take Swift Action to Protect American's Healthcare Coverage

Coalition led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Hospital Association and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) urges swift action to protect health care coverage in response to the COVID-19 crisis

Survey Shows Contractors Concerned About Longer-term Impacts of COVID-19 Crisis

New study shows two-thirds of the construction industry is experiencing project delays and 87% expect to see their businesses impacted in the next three months

Construction Sites in Pa. Can Resume Work Only with Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

‘We recognize construction is vital to Pennsylvania’s economy and may operate safely with stringent guidance in place’ Gov. Tom Wolf

SkillSignal Compiles Multiple Sources’ Guidance on Construction COVID-19 Protection

Free document offers detailed best practices from the construction industry’s top safety professionals for coronavirus safety in various types of construction work

97% of Utility Contractors Deemed Essential to Keep America Working

Large majority of NUCA survey respondents indicate work backlog is remaining constant or rolling with work stoppages

[SURVEY] Paycheck Loans Save Construction Jobs Agc Coronavirus Cancellations1 5ea36bb11de0as COVID-19 Project Cancellations Rise

Nearly half of AGC firms have received federal paycheck protection loans, but growing number of project cancellations, delays and delivery problems imperil the construction industry

During the COVID-19 Crisis, a New Type of Business Borrower Emerges

The finance sector is seeing a new type of B2B equipment financing customer emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. Is it a trend that will continue?

Construction Contractor Confidence Plummets Cci Chart Feb 20 Copy 5ea33e2f3a436in Response to COVID-19, Says ABC

Fewer than 30% of construction contractors responding to the survey expected their sales to increase over the next six months

OSHA Considers Employer’s Good Faith Efforts in Enforcement During Pandemic

New interim guidance to advise compliance safety and health officers to evaluate an employer’s good faith efforts to comply with safety and health standards during the coronavirus pandemic

Hard Hat Face Shields Designed for Virus Protection on Construction Jobsites

Patent-pending lightweight design easily slides onto existing hard hats to help teams practice virus protection.

Contractors Take Lion’s Share of the First Round of Paycheck Protection Loans

We know more about obstacles to the smallest businesses getting the funds just in time for a second round of PPP funding coming to replenish the pot

Volvo Sales Slide 17% in First Quarter as COVID-19 Pandemic Took Hold

Company sees demand stall in the first quarter as measures to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic went into effect

ELFA March Survey of Economic Activity Shows March New Business Volume Up 9%

March new business volume was up 9% year-over-year, 31% month-to-month and 17% year-to-date - but the data can be "misleading"

Global Construction Output Expected to Shrink by 1.4% in Wake of Pandemic Shutdowns

According to GlobalData, "few major markets will manage to record an increase in construction output in 2020.”

Is Diversification An Income-Generating Brainstorming Option for Your Rental Business?

Diversification can be an income-generating brainstorming option for rental operations, but caution is strongly advised

CrewStrong Prevents COVID-19 Jobsite Shutdowns with Real-time Employee Tracking

Easily track employee movement and interaction across all jobsites in real time, managing virus infection risk

Federal Signal Website Offers COVID Tips for Operators

Federal Signal Website Offers COVID Tips for Operators of its equipment

Massachusetts Carpenters Return to Work after Coronavirus Safety Walk-Out

North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters directed the walk-out on April 6, but on Monday said members would go back to work if contractors commit to measures to limit the spread of the highly infectious virus

New Cluster of Seven COVID-19 Cases Bloom at Construction Site in Kansas City

Work at Kansas City, Kansas', Donnelly College continues under disinfecting, distancing and personal protective equipment guidelines

CNH Industrial Donates Protective Masks to Healthcare Facilities in the U.S.

Parent company of Case and New Holland donated a total of 2,500 KN95 masks to local healthcare facilities

Topcon to Offer Free Paving & Compaction Webinars

Topcon's free training series features paving and compaction

WSA Opens COVID Page to Industry

WSA Opens COVID Page to Industry

NAPSA Responds to the Pandemic

Power sweeping association explains why sweeping is an "essential service"

Life as we know it….

A business owner deals with COVID-19

Libra Systems Offers Free E-Ticketing

Libra Systems offers free E-ticketing for asphalt producers

We're the Lucky Ones

Paving and pavement maintenance contractors are still working through COVID-19

Develop a Six-month Plan to Ensure Post-pandemic Survival

Rental business owners must plan to come out the other end of the coronavirus chaos and restore lost business and profits

How to Be a Successful, Persuasive Business Communicator While Working Remotely

Here are a few tools and tactics that can help you successfully achieve desired outcomes even via a remote connection

Update to 2020 Economic Outlook Forecasts Severe Declines In Equipment and Software Investment

Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation says the economy will continue to suffer until the public health crisis is resolved, but conditions are expected to improve in the third and fourth quarters

Construction Jobs 'Essential' in Nevada Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Gov. Sisolak said he also kept mining and manufacturing open, as construction-worker infections rise, and he doesn’t want “another 100,000 or more filing for unemployment if I can avoid it”

5 Things Construction Businesses Can Control During the COVID-19 Crisis

Control these five areas of your construction business to address uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic

Genie Team Produces Genie team members making face coverings.Genie team members making face coverings.COVID-19 PPE for Local Hospital

To help address the need in their community, team members from Genie, a Terex brand, headquartered in Redmond, Wash., have been working on a concept that will allow them to produce medical equipment for a local hospital

OSHA Issues Guidance on COVID-19 Recordkeeping, Interim Enforcement Plan

OSHA clarifies recordkeeping requirements for cases of COVID-19, as well as outlines its interim enforcement response plan during the pandemic

Dodge Reforecast: COVID-19 Impact on 2020 Construction Starts

Dodge Data & Analytics adapts forecasts for residential and nonresidential construction through the coronavirus crisis and into their recovery

Dodge Data GDP Reforecast: How We Will Recover from this Recession

Dodge Data & Analytics reveals the assumptions behind its expectations for the timing and strength or America’s economic rebound from the coronavirus crash

AED Urges Expansion of Benefits to More Businesses in Next Federal COVID-19 Package

Associated Equipment Distributors urges lawmakers to expand important loan and tax programs in COVID-19 legislative initiatives to allow more businesses to benefit

John Deere, Terex Utilities Step Up to Produce Face Shields for Healthcare Workers

Both companies announced initiatives to produce face shields and their components to address shortages during the coronavirus crisis

OSHA Warns Employers Against Retaliation for Workers Reporting Unsafe Conditions During Coronavirus

Agency reminds employers it is illegal to retaliate against workers if they report unsafe and unhealthful working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic

Thousands of Massachusetts Union Members Walk Off Projects Over Infection Concerns

Carpenters and Painters and Allied Trades suggest infection-prevention protocols are either not being enforced or are inadequate to protect worker safety

Treasury Department Eases Construction-Firm Access to Paycheck Protection Loans

Following industry outcry, the Treasury Department overturned an SBA rule limiting construction’s ability to apply for the CARES Act loan program

Coronavirus-related Agency Closures Halt Licensing of New Truck Drivers

Closure of state DMVs and CDL training facilities risks undermining the country’s ability to respond and recover from COVID-19

Point of Rental’s Coronavirus Content Combats Complacency

Point of Rental Software offers one-stop source for deals, webinars, videos, podcasts and more

AGC Reports Rising Construction Layoffs, Potential CARES Act Loan Exclusions for Smaller Firms

Association says 27% of construction firms report coronavirus-related layoffs, while current loan guidance appears to leave out firms with fewer than 500 workers

OSHA Issues Guidance for Respiratory Protection During N95 Shortage

With N95 respirators in short supply, the agency has issued guidance to help employers

FMI 2020 Forecast US Engineering and Construction Spending

Spending growth in 2020 is expected to be led by public institutional and infrastructure investments across both nonresidential buildings and nonresidential structures

Buyer Products offers generous gifts during Covid-19 Pandemic

Local manufacturer of equipment for the work truck industry makes gifts to support most vulnerable during COVID-19 pandemic

ARTBA, Construction Industry Allies Develop COVID-19 Guidance Materials

ARTBA provides safety tips for contractors performing essential construction activities

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from IPAF

IPAF offers a full update surrounding COVID-19, including information on training, head office plans and guidance for safe MEWP work during the pandemic

IPAF Summit & IAPAs Moved to October Due to Virus Outbreak

Due to Coronavirus, the IPAF Summit & IAPAs 2020 event, which was scheduled for April 23, 2020 in London, will now be held on October 8

Procore Provides Free Access to its Software for COVID-19 Construction Projects

For current Procore customers working on COVID-19 emergency relief projects totaling up to $5 billion in aggregate construction volume

Latest Updates: Construction Supports Coronavirus Efforts

Updated 4/2/2020: The construction industry has always been willing to step up in times of need and the coronavirus crisis is no exception.

Download Your COVID-19 Response Plan

National Asphalt Pavement Assoc., as part of the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC), has published a downloadable Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, & Response Plan for construction companies

Step-by-Step Guides for COVID Employer Tax Credit, Disaster Loans from U.S. Chamber

"Cheat sheets" for CARES Act relief crucial to keep workers on the payroll and businesses afloat

US EPA Issues Enforcement Policy for Noncompliance Resulting from COVID-19 Pandemic

Temporary enforcement policy is intended to address staffing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic which may constrain certain activities required by federal permits

Transport Construction Takes Steps Artba Survey2to Ensure Worker Safety as Coronavirus Impacts Felt

Transportation design and construction projects continue in most states but ARTBA survey says contractors are feeling scheduling challenges and changing they way they work

Dallas County Judge Revises Order for Construction Industry

The order classified construction for public works, residential, commercial, and schools as critical infrastructure, and requires mandatory temperature checks for construction workers

Homeland Security Clarifies Construction’s Role Essential Critical Infrastructure WorkersCybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Securityin Supporting Essential Critical Infrastructure

Industry efforts to include construction in definition of ‘essential industries’ exempt from shelter-in-place orders result in federal guidance to state and local decision makers

Envision Solar to Prioritize Manufacturing of Emergency Power Products for Healthcare

Company will prioritize production of solar-powered emergency power products for COVID-19 healthcare disaster response

Leading Construction Companies Do More Than Cope During Coronavirus Threat

Leading construction contractors are taking steps to ensure the safety of workers as projects continue

Michigan Contractors' Association Asks Governor to Deem Construction Non-essential

Infrastructure industry asks Michigan governor to deem construction operations non-essential to protect employees, public health and safety

JCB's UK Factory Joins Global Call to Action Over Ventilator Shortage

Company plans to restart production at UK factory in order to join the global effort to manufacture ventilators

Rising Coronavirus Tide Tightens Restrictions on Construction in New York, Washington, Vermont

Infection and rising COVID-19 death toll has governors tightening the definition of 'essential work'; worker on Oregon Intel constructor tests positive

Consigli Updates COVID-19 Impact on Construction Material Supply

About 30% of building materials are imported to the U.S. from China, making it construction's biggest supplier; the American Association of Port Authorities forecast first-quarter U.S. port cargo volumes to drop 20% or more

Coronavirus, Rising Unemployment Moody's expects home-building revenues to fall 10% in 2020, reflecting a 2% decline in real GDP in 2020, following a 4.3% drop in Q2.Moody's expects home-building revenues to fall 10% in 2020, reflecting a 2% decline in real GDP in 2020, following a 4.3% drop in Q2.Push Homebuilding Outlook to Negative

2020 outlook for homebuilding moves from stable to negative on economic impact of the coronavirus and rising unemployment

Engineering and Construction Materials Prices Fall on Coronavirus Impacts

While overall construction costs increased in March, the materials and equipment index indicates falling prices

Dynamic Infrastructure Allows Free Use of Bridge Maintenance Technology During Pandemic

Company allows DOTS and PPPs to use AI-based technology free of charge to maintain bridges and tunnels during global crisis

Command Alkon Offers Free eConstruction Capabilities During Pandemic

Inter-company eTicketing removes person-to-person paper handling for heavy material order fulfillment and goods receipt processes

Auto Makers Help Put the Brakes on COVID-19 Medical-Supply Shortages

Manufacturers use expertise and existing parts to produce face shields and respirators to combat COVID-19

The Law: How Construction Contractors Getty Images 1212668137Can Protect Themselves from Coronavirus Losses

Check out multiple contract and insurance provisions that could shield your company from losses caused by responses to the coronavirus pandemic, but watch out for the threshold of when the disease becomes 'foreseeable'

HCSS Safety Offers Material to Cover COVID-19 in Construction Toolbox Talks

Software provider HCSS updated its Safety application to include several COVID-19 Topics that will help your supervisors address the Coronavirus issues in toolbox talks

FMCSA Gives Commercial Drivers Extension on Expiring CDLs, Medical Cards

Truck drivers with expiring licenses or medical cards have been given an extension because of difficulties renewing during the COVID-19 crisis

Field Reports: Concrete Construction in the Time of Coronavirus

In spite of COVID-19 protocols, construction work is mostly continuing. World of Concrete relays concrete contractors' reports on how the pandemic is affecting construction in their regions

Construction Firms Must Strategically Plan to Survive the Crises

Whether it’s the coronavirus pandemic or financial crisis, it’s important to have a survival plan in place

Help AGC Petition Government to Name Construction Essential

How to add your voice to Associated General Contractors’ messages to have construction specifically included in lists of essential businesses to keep working during Coronavirus shelter-in-place orders

Coronavirus Halts or Delays Construction Work AGC's coronavirus survey from mid-March found 28% of respondents had been directed by a project owner or government official to halt or delay work on projects.AGC's coronavirus survey from mid-March found 28% of respondents had been directed by a project owner or government official to halt or delay work on projects.Associated General Contractors of Americaon 28% of AGC Members' Projects

Associated General Contractors' first weekly member survey measures Coronavirus pandemic's impact on construction

AED Urges Mayors, Governors to Keep Construction Projects Going

Letters urge officials to allow construction projects to continue while highlighting the equipment industry’s integral role in building and maintaining our nation's essential infrastructure

ARA Takes Measures To Protect Rental Owners Amid COVID-19

Working closely with owners and agencies, the ARA has taken several steps to address the coronavirus outbreak and protect its members and their workers

How is the Road Building Industry Coping with the Coronavirus?

With some states stopping work and others losing substantial gas tax revenue due to the Coronavirus, how can the road building industry combat the effects of the pandemic?

What Past Pandemics Suggest about Construction Economy’s Coronavirus Recovery analyzed economic and housing-market data from previous epidemics to help provide perspective on what the future might hold as the COVID-19 threat progresses

Coronavirus Negatively Impacting Equipment and Event Rental Industry

Party and event rental business sees most dramatic declines due to event cancellations

NYC Building Trades Call for Mayor Getty Images 1214322536to Keep Construction Sites Open

Facing coronavirus shutdown, NYC's largest construction contractor association urges Mayor DeBlasio to join other cities' lead in defining construction as an essential service

Defenses Contractors Have from Coronavirus Project Losses

What contract, legal and insurance remedies can help if spread of the coronavirus interrupts work on your construction projects

U.S. Chamber Stresses Need for "Essential Infrastructure" During Quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic is threatening to shutdown construction activities across the county but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests these guiding principles instead of a full shutdown

Cuomo Exempts Construction from New York Virus Order

State-wide order for businesses to halve office workforces by March 20 specifically excludes infrastructure and construction companies

San Francisco Area Coronavirus ‘Shelter in Place’ Order Exempts Some Construction

Nine counties have issued orders urging the public to stay at home as much as possible to slow spread of the infection and prevent overloading of hospitals

White House Asks Contractors Getty Images 1147102191to Donate N95 Masks to Hospitals

Shortage of protection equipment poses a serious threat to health-care workers responding to the coronavirus epidemic, and N95 masks common in construction can keep them healthy

[VIDEO] Conexpo Wrap Up: Construction's March to Autonomy Waits for No Virus

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 shrugged off coronavirus concerns with a brace of introductions of commercial construction-equipment technologies that are all building blocks for the robotic machines of the very near future

States Suspending Road Construction Activities Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Pennsylvania and the city of Boston stop construction activities due to the COVID-19 outbreak but indicate they will still perform critical functions and emergency maintenance as needed

[VIDEO] AGC Maintains Positive Construction Outlook Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Ken Simonson, chief economist with Associated General Contractors of America, talks about the outlook for 2020 and how the Coronavirus may impact the industry

Could Coronavirus Outbreak Benefit Infrastructure Funding?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that infrastructure spending would be a “priority” for President Trump if the economy requires stimulus to power through a slowdown caused by a Coronavirus outbreak

Fed Cuts Rates Half a Point to Combat Coronavirus Fear

Wall-Street selloff continues after rare inter-meeting move that slashed the federal funds rate more than any single action since the financial crisis